We have been so busy… and forgot to post updates. We are alive & kicking!

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The last post on our blog was dated in December 2017.  That sounds like it is so long ago…. and you might have gotten worried whether we were still alive or not. No Worries! We were and are, but have simply been too busy working on awesome projects and products for our customers.

It is time we share some insights on what new things we have been working on recently, in this update. It is only a small selection we can show, but those are a good representation of it.


New ‘End to end system development & integration’ products made by AMS Group


Belgium based JUCE selected AMS Group for realization of their proto manufacturing, and subsequent upscaling to hard tooling & series production. The amazing product design was done by Vanberlo  and has been awarded with both IF Design & Red Dot awards in February and April 2019.

The smart Juce Arena docking station enables participants in a meeting room to focus on their primary tasks: having a succesfull and efficient meeting.

Juce’s device will drastically improve concentration and contribution of meeting participants by not being distracted by their mobile phones anymore. A real game changer.



Sweden based Flyte choose AMS Group in February 2017 to become their system integrator for their new levitating timepiece called ‘Story’.

Flyte’s co-founder Simon Morris envisioned an unique and magical high end design product, mesmerizing everyones imagination by playing with gravity and simultaneous moving elements. A truly unique ambition with numerous challenges in the development process of it.

Within a 17 month period AMS Group and all other involved parties & partners had been able to come to a qualified and scalable product configuration, complying not only with what Simon envisioned, but also with what can be expected from such timeless timepieces. A first hand unboxing experience from one of Flyte’s  early buyers can be found here.

AMS Group is proud to be Flyte’s contract manufacturer.

For a real mindblowing gift, we recommend you to consider Flyte Story. You can find it in design stores in your city, or online.

In case you are interest to know more on our ‘end to end’ development & manufacturing opportunities for you, you should get in touch with Andy Hall – based in Amsterdam.


Update on Plastic Injection Mould Making

For one of our Europe based injection moulding customers, we have been making several 8-cavity moulds equipped with hotrunner systems. We delivered the moulds on time, within budget and after receipt at the customers injection moulding plant, the moulds were inspected and operational within 36 hrs. The 8-cavity moulds make mirror polish transparant casings for cosmetics. Shot guarantees are given for 1M shots, with cycle times of less than 12 seconds.



For an European kitchen appliance customer we made nearly 20 moulds during a concurrent engineering development process with their R&D department. Not only visual parts, but also technical parts are to be made from those moulds. Part materials varied from PCTG (Tritan) to PC/ABS and PAGF30. The high end product is  made & assembled in Europe.

More information on this professional juicer can be found on the website of The Juicer.

When you also want to discover what we can offer you in terms of mould making, mould engineering and tooling management in Southern China/Shenzhen, you can contact Bas Pot in Amsterdam.


Steep increase in demand for high end CNC processing of steel & aluminum parts from China

It is completely clear to AMS Group that the European supply pool for CNC processing of aluminum and stainless steel is very busy. Reduced interest in lower volumes, high pricing and very long response and leadtimes are the consequences.

Companies in need of high end CNC processed parts therefore more often knock on AMS Group doors to explore the opportunities in China. And ofcourse we welcome them.

With a scalable and professional vendor base for CNC processing of all kinds of parts (lost wax casted / high pressure casted, rod or block based, extruded parts etc) we can accomodate a lot of variety. Fast and at rather high quality standards for attractive pricing levels.

Aside from the metal castings, extrusions and CNC processing, a lot of different surface treatments can be applied as well. Those range from anodising, wet paint, powder coating, ceramic coating, chrome plating and PVD coating, to for example laser engraving, silk screen and tampon printing of brand identities.

Did you know that we supply ABB for many years already with their diecasted housings for emergency lighting fixtures, that we make all models and versions for the aluminum housings for HD video streaming specialist Dektec and that we also is engaged as supplier to Laevo for their diecasted and machined Exoskeleton hip mechanisms?

We invite you to have a look with us at your metal part production projects. Just get in touch with us, and we are able to quote within 1-2 wks maximum. Contact Bart Bakkum in Amsterdam to get your opportunities quickly mapped!


ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certificates update

In parallel to all development & manufacturing activities, we also updated our ISO9001 & 14001 systems to 2015 versions. BSI (British Standard Institute) submitted the certificates after extensive auditing of our organisation in September 2018.


So from above examples you might understand that we have been super busy. And that is exactly what we like. However, as a result, we sometimes forget to share updates and new insights