QA Team

    Quality Assurance team - Foshan

    AMS’ Foshan based QA team is involved in all component deliveries to both AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd, as well as to customers abroad.

    This team of seasoned professionals works according to strict procedures. For every delivery batch, whether big or small, QC inspections reports are generated based on pre-agreed AQL norms. These sample lots are not only visually inspected, but also on surface quality, material compliance and critical dimensions. When such is required inspections will also executed at subcontractors locations.

    Within AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd this team is also responsible for implementation and embedding quality assurance in assembly processes and procedures.

    In the rare case of quality complaints by customers those are handled by the QA team directly. They will assess the rootcause and take remedial and/or preventive actions as a result.

    The annual update for the ISO certifications is another task of the QA team.

    From left to right: Davy Lee (quality manager), Yang Bo Zhao (IQC), Elma Zhou (DCC), Tony Cao (SQC), Carambola Yang (OQC), Qing Qing Li (QC)