Bas Pot

senior project manager plastics - Amsterdam

with our plastic IM engineering team & in close cooperation with our china based subcontractors we make a huge number of high end plastic injection moulds annually. we love complex challenges.

Since June 1st 2015 Bas Pot (1965) is appointed as senior project manager plastics at AMS. From the Amsterdam office he coordinates all injection mould and moulding activities within AMS. Bas is the primary contact person for all existing and new customers, who have new challenges for moulds and moulding.

Bas graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Emmen (NL), specialized in Platics Engineering. Since his graduation he has been working his entire professional life in the plastic processing industry. Amongst his empoyers are: Frejo, Batavus, Ultra Polymers and since 2004 he has been active as managing director of NP Plastics. Within this company he succesfully implemented and materialised growth and diversifications strategies.

AMS and Bas Pot know each other since 2006. From that moment AMS has been making and delivering a high number of plastic injection moulds to NP Plastics.

Please do never hestate to contact Bas Pot to discuss new projects. Just send him an email and take it from there.