Supplier & Quality Management in China

You already have a contract manufacturer in China for your product. However you can not be there all the time yourself during the production runs of your products or devices. We have the solution! AMS can represent you on the spot, being co-located in the factory of your choice, when your products are produced. We can manage your supplier and assure that potential problems are detected and resoluted prior to your products being shipped out by your subcontractor.

AMS can even take it to another level, and take over your local procurement and as a result integrally manage your supply chain. In case you prefer to have the procurement & financial relationship with your subcontractor such is also possible. AMS than purely act as a consultant & adviser on your behalf.

Supplier management

You and your subcontractor in China are in complete different timezones. Mutual communication with your contract manufacturer is not efficient due to cultural & language differences. However, you are convinced the subcontractor has a good attitude and even better references. You have been visiting them yourself and they already did supply you with products in the past. They should be able to meet your requirements, although getting the last details perfectly managed with them is a hardship. Wouldn’t it be good when you do not have to waste your valuable time on these time consuming details, but let someone arrange this for you? A partner who you can trust and which speaks your ‘language’ and is used to work with your ‘quality standards’.

AMS is able to offer you this supplier management role. Having dealt with hundreds of Chinese suppliers, for even more global customers has provided AMS with in-depth knowlegde on both sides. AMS employs experienced and english speaking quality engineers, who have proven to be able to manage the output at a wide range of Chinese subcontractors at high quality standards and as such meeting the expectations of overseas clients. AMS is conducting this kind of assigments for a wide range of clients. Who are all happy with the achieved improvements in efficiencies of their supply chain.


Quality management

AMS is not performing quality inspection methods as SGS like companies do. AMS quality management services go far beyond just reporting what has been found. We are not a typical ‘third party’, no, we are representing you. That means we are you while being on the ground doing our assignments.

While doing in line quality audits, end of line inspections or varifying material certificates, we are always anticipating for potential problems or malfunctions. Prevention is better than repairing.All problems and potential problems which are detected by co-located AMS quality inspectors have to be resolved and/or reworked to the maximum extend possible.

AMS quality inspectors are an extension of the product management departments at our clients. They report frequently on their findings and the applied solutions. Reporting formats, as well as quality inspection formats are pre-agreed with customers, prior to actual inspections taking place.

The physical presence of AMS quality inspectors at the location of the subcontractors chosen by the client assures a relevant increase in quality consistency and in-time updates on (potential) problems.

The costs for hiring AMS to be your ‘on the ground eyes & ears’ are easily offset by the increase in efficiency and drastic reduction in your micro management time. It moreover gives you peace of mind by assuring that your interests are represented professionally, while you dont have to be on the spot yourself.


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