Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair: we were there and it rocked!

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The Dutch government decided to present ‘innovative’ / ‘design’ / ‘smart industry’ related Dutch companies (with a presence in mainland China) on the international design fair in November in Shenzhen in an orange coloured ‘Holland Pavilion’.

The exhibition featured exhibitors in various categories like; ‘intelligent manufacturing’, ‘smart life’ and ‘design services’. The Holland Pavilion was part of the ‘international pavilions’ section. Together with 6 other Dutch companies the ‘orange pavilion’ worked as a real magnet for trade visitors as well as other exhibitors.

After three busy days at the expo, an impressive list of very interesting / interested companies was what the AMS China team took home.

As a first result of this expo, one prospect has already been converted into an actual customer for all AMS service offerings. Engineering has been started in December, tooling is anticipated to be finished in March, with series production commencing in April.

As AMS is used to work closely together with design agencies and OEM customers, also during this expo a next step was set to get connected with more design agencies, both from China as well as from Germany, Russia, Italia, and UK.

If you have never been to this annual Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, we do recommend you to consider visiting the third edition in November 2018.

More information on the 2017 edition can be found here: SZIDF