Quinny’s Longboardstroller – an experiment in mobility – launched to the market in July 2015

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Dorel‘s product & marketing managers developed a radical & innovative new concept in spring 2013. Goal was to create an experiment in mobility; Longboardstroller. No buggy, nor a pram stroller, but a longboard with a safety seat mounted at the front. Revolutionary, eye catching and mouth watering. Now, 2 years further, the Longboardstroller is launched into the market. An enormous performance by all from Dorel and others who have been involved in the development & realisation process.

AMS already got involved in the earliest stage of development. Dorel designers & engineers have since than commissioned all the proto typing work to AMS; conceptual proto’s, visual proto’s and functional proto’s have been made. Not only for the Dorel engineers, but also for the actual target longboard community, which actively participated in the testing and evalutions of this product to make a really accepted and ground breaking product. Also this ‘open source’ development process was revolutionary and never been done like such in the juvenile industry before.

After all these proto rounds the signs were on ‘green’ to start mass production. AMS was selected to make all Longboardstroller specific plastic and metal parts, including all moulds required for this. Within budget and within set timelines deliveries took place.

The whole process was a pleasure to particpate in; innovative, close to the target market and with challenging ambitions to realise.

Now the Longboardstroller is launched in July 2015 to the market, AMS is proud to have been a member in the team which made this radical innovation become reality. The experiment in mobility has become a reality. Another innovative product which AMS has worked on is launched by Dorel.

When you are interested in the Longboardstroller, click here. There is currently a limited edition available, so please be fast to get your personal Longboardstroller.

For more information on Quinny & Dorel, click here.

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