Prototyping in Netherlands & China

Use of proto types is a widely accepted method for product design companies and 1st tier suppliers, to verify initial (CAD) designs on form and functionalities. Checking interfaces, strength, materials, form and function of new product concepts requires a solid proto typing process.

This proven process step in the development of products is part of AMS’ capability. We are able to make subcomponent- and full scale models in plastics and metals in order to create the best review platform. Use of SLS, SLA and CNC machined parts is for AMS a proven method to serve our clients at top speed and quality at very competitive rates.

‘Works like real, feels like real’ prototypes will be made, assessed, and validated frequently by AMS engineers, client’s appointed design agencies and of course by the product managers at client side itself. These prototypes are integral parts and steps in the development process of innovative new products and devices. Aside from internal evaluations, prototypes can also be used for EMC tests, marketing purposes and to raise interest at for example venture capitalists & investors to participate in new ventures. The value of prototypes are proven; before serious capital expenditures are made in manufacturing equipment, the products and devices have to fine tuned to optimise funtionality and minimize risks.

Only than the upscaling can be started.

Our Amsterdam & Foshan teams look forward to your inquiry and are ready to fulfil your proto type requirements. You will be surprised what is possible in terms of quality, speed and approach by AMS for prototyping.


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