Plastic Injection moulds from China

high quality, fast and competitively priced, adding value to your business case

Since 2003 AMS has built further on its reputation for top quality injection mould tooling sourced in South China. In the Shenzhen region the best quality suppliers have built relationships with AMS that fit our specific client requirements. A continuous expanding client base has found the route to China with AMS.

A wide array of different moulds are manufactured under the responsibility of AMS. This includes multi-cavity moulds, including hotrunner systems (global brands), inserts, screw moulds, 2K and overmoulds. Upon request AMS supplies the first series production from China prior to the moulds being exported to either Europe or USA.

AMS has a specialized team of 4 senior mould engineers in AMS’ Shenzhen office. They manage simultaneously up to 100 moulds in parallel. The technical interfaces with overseas customers are done both from this Shenzhen office as via AMS’ Amsterdam office.

On average AMS has 200-250 plastic injection moulds made in the Shenzhen region. 5 qualified mould makers make those moulds, in close conjunction and under supervision of AMS mould engineers. Project management, quality assurance, mould drawing evaluations and mould tests are all executed according to strict procedures and processes. Mold Flow analysis can be performed in house.

AMS does not only offer this mould making service to brandholding clients, but also for European and US based plastic injection moulding companies who do want to utilize the opportunities of China made moulds, but do not want to select, audit and manage local Chinese mouldmakers themselves.

With almost 15 years of proven experience, serving over 40 customers globally, having made over 1.500 moulds in China, AMS can also become your value adding partner.

Hereunder you can see a some footage of the AMS mould engineers at work. Dedicated, professional and very experienced.


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