New AMS colleagues in Amsterdam, Foshan & Shenzhen. At your service!

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Due to further development at both management and engineering levels and as well as our ambitions to expand our competencies and business further, AMS Group has been hiring experienced new colleagues for all three locations.  Hereunder some highlights of the last few months:

In Amsterdam (NL):

Andy Hall (1965) started in September as ‘engineering & innovation manager’. His main areas of attention are: driving NPI & NPD projects for AMS customers in a more efficient & effective manner from ‘proven principle’ towards ‘pilot build’ from an engineering and project management point of view; based on clear product requirements, proven technologies and within realistic timelines.

More info on Andy can be found here: Andy Hall

In Foshan (CN):

Fabian Blake (1980) assumed the position as ‘general manager China’ per mid October 2017. Due to the growing number of customers and product programs, resulting in an organically growing organization, Fabian has been hired to further develop and manage this growth in AMS Chinese organization, together with the other management team members in China. Fabian will also act as the initiator and coordinator for the growing number of China based development & manufacturing customers of AMS.

More info on Fabian can be found here: Fabian Blake

In Shenzhen (CN):

Mr Farran Li started in November in AMS’ Shenzhen based engineering team as plastic IM tooling engineer. Farran is an experienced plastic tooling designer and project manager. He has been working his entire professional career in Shenzhen; the heart of the global injection mould making industry.

From a tooling designer at a mould building company, he worked his way up to become a senior project engineer within Flextronics in nearly 10 years. Since November is a member of the Shenzhen based engineering team of AMS, which focusses on plastic injection mould making and parts production.

Furthermore the engineering team in Foshan has been enforced with the following new team members:

Mr Eric Huang started end of October as project engineer. Since 2004 Eric has been working in R&D, design and realization of household appliances. Amongst his previous employers there are names like Simatelex, E&E, Severin and Sunvalley. Eric will be involved in various NPD programs as project engineer.

Mr Ham Ho already started in August as project manager. Ham has a bachelor degree in automation from Xi’an University and prior to joining AMS in august 2017, he has been working 10 yrs in Zhongshan Galic Industries as ‘manager engineering’. One of the products developed and manufactured there, under management of Ham is the ‘Peugeot electric pepper mill’, which is sold globally as an iconic peppermill. Within AMS, Ham will coordinate various NPI programs.

Mrs Urania Feng started in September as engineering assistant. She supports the engineering team with applying the right priorities to the various projects and assignments. She will also communicate with clients on progress and other project / product related matters. Urania further acts a pivoting hinge for ECR implementations and approvals.


As AMS we are sure that both our customers and our subcontractors will experience the positive impact from the experience of this new colleagues.