Monday nights are AMS Masterclass nights

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In recent years we have been asked regularly to share our experiences on taking products & devices from a working prototype towards series production.

Back than, we have never realized that our experiences might have been inspiring insights for many more people than just those who asked us for it.

This ‘eureka’ moment appeared on Monday January 30th 2017, when we did a masterclass like, interactive exchange of insights with Post & Dekker’s entire engineering team consisting of 19 specialists.

It was a truly fantastic evening, and their feedback was very encouraging to enroll these kind of Masterclass sessions towards other companies and network partners as well.

So for that reason we now are happy to host an AMS Masterclass night for those companies which are interested and do not only like to get to know AMS better, but foremost want to gain some real insights in the experiences, lessons learnt, tips & tricks, which has been developed over all those more than 250 new product implementations which have been done in the last 15 years by AMS.

The sessions are interesting for both purchasing, supply chain, as well as for design, development and engineering specialists. Having all those disciplines represented at the session table will assure a vivid discussion.

Find hereunder an introduction as downloadable pdf.