Fake news or Facts – POTUS, CHINA & AMS

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With the new president of the United States of America, a whole new trend has been introduced. Seems like most of the publications by the free press are nowadays subject to the ‘Fake News’-verdict by the actively twittering ‘@POTUS’ (President Of The United States). That’s quite confusing for people living in the free world, as we thought most of the news we read is close to reality. Besides that, we are used to form our own opinion about politics, economics and business. The entertainment industry may be the exception, where fake news is an integral part of the business as we all know and appreciate.

China’s economic development is frequently on the news for many reasons. @POTUS claims that the Chinese government manipulates the RMB (keep it weak in their own interest) and the USA is victim of that policy for many years. An overlooked or deliberately ignored fact is that over the last 30 years the USA has been the largest foreign investor in China and that huge companies like Dell, Wal-Mart and Apple benefitted from low cost Chinese products for years. The USA consumers got addicted to low cost consuming, all made possible by Chinese products. Just look at the large sales of USA brands, all made in China, huge investments by automotive corporations in China to sell their Fords and GM’s to the millions of new car owners in China. Thousands of Boeing airliners sold to Chinese air carriers, compensated by big subcontracts to Chinese aircraft industries. All facts that we cannot simply forget or ignore.

The two countries nowadays fully depend on each other, their economies are heavily connected and intertwined. POTUS cannot simply change this globalization trend by introducing protective measures, ignoring WTO-terms or spreading fake news about China. That’s a fact.

AMS lives in a transparent world of clear and plain facts. No fake news in our world and we like that. We develop and manufacture your hardware at agreed terms and conditions. We are a real company with real people. That’s a fact.

AMS Group deserves its client rewards on facts only. What you see is what you get. We make hardware you can see, feel and operate. When the products look bad, are out of spec or not functioning as they should, we did not do good, that’s a fact we cannot walk away from and we take responsibility.  When the product is on-time, according to spec and functions as expected, our clients are happy and we get rewarded with their trust and confidence with a long term cooperation.

At AMS we all work hard to keep deserving the trust of our growing client portfolio (100+). We take pride in cooperating with all of these great customers every day and we are looking after their products as if they are our own. Our role comes with a huge responsibility, our clients should always rely on AMS.

Please test us on our facts: transparency and reliability and let us realize your products!  We are looking forward to another great year with our current and new clients!

In case you’re interested to join our fantastic team, we’re hiring enthusiastic project engineers that have affection with IoT-products and smart devices. Get in touch to learn more.

Robert Schliekelmann – CEO AMS GROUP