Engineering in Netherlands & China

AMS conducts design for manufacturing, detail, assembly and cost price engineering prior to series production

During the initial engineering stages, solutions for produceability prototyping, testings, validations, and cost control are an esential value add of the engineering teams of AMS in The Netherlands and China. In close cooperation with the client accountteam in Holland, customer specifications, design requirements and manufacturing scenario’s are aligned.

When the design stage progresses, proto typing helps with final verification and assists in optimizing tool drawings for assurance that sub components correcly interface in the assembly of the final product. This is called design for manufacturing (DFM). AMS has a rather large experience with DFM. For obvious reasons: AMS will also execute the actual manufacturing in it’s own assembly factory in Foshan, China.

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AMS has an experienced engineering team, as well as inhouse testing, trialseries and small series assembly facilities. Often new products and devices are materialized and tested, together with client’s R&D teams and external design-engineering agencies, within this facility. This in order to assure a smooth and fast production ramp up in later stages within the AMS assembly factory in Foshan, China. The AMS engineering teams in Amsterda, Netherlands, and Foshan, China, coordinate such in best interest of the quality of the product or devices.

AMS works with Solid Works. Data transfer is arranged via our secured FTP-site for ease of sharing large files in a safe environment.

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