CSR Statement

AMS Group is fully aware of the societies and communities it operates/functions/exists in and it contributes both pro- and reactively to disaster relief, medical aid, education, wellbeing of employees and environmental protection.

Some examples of how this statement is materialised:

  • AMS Group management did double a internal fund collection by Chinese staff for assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan Province. Colleagues and management encouraged this fundraising, since several employees originate from that region in China
  • AMS Group management on case-by-case basis supports families of individual AMS employees in getting the best possible medical aid for problems occurring with family members
  • AMS Group management tries to design personal development programs for each individual employee as well as for the complete team. Not only to develop the skill set required for the specific task or job, but also on a broader level as persons, operating in teams and being part of an international organisation. Language training, exchange programs with Holland (ie visits to Holland from China by Chinese employees for example around Queensday), teambuilding activities (hikes, paintball, rafting, badminton tournaments), personal development courses and various social activities are organised and initiated on a continuous basis. Not only on initiative of management, but also by the individual staff members. Independent on the position within the organisation. This all in order to broaden the scope of the employees and let them experience they work not only for, but also in an organisation of which they are an important part.
  • AMS Group has a policy regarding employee benefits to exceed the minimum requirements outlined and enforced by respective local governments. For example: Whereas Chinese legislation allows 8 people to be housed in factory dorms, AMS Assembly Foshan Co ltd dorms house maximum 2 employees. This is in order to allow for some more privacy as well as creating appropriate Western style living conditions per dorm. AMS Group’s salaries, holiday allowance and bonus programs exceed minimum set requirements and do reflect the appreciation of every individual to the companies development. AMS has these policies in place, since it is a strong believer of developing the organisation together with the employees, allowing them to develop themselves within the organisation as well.
  • AMS Group each day works on having the best possible working conditions for its employees. Fresh clean air, sufficient light, professional tools and technical infrastructure.
  • AMS Group supports various fundraising companies and organisations, both in Netherlands and China, either in cash donations or by sharing experiences and knowledge by contributing to seminars and workshops. AMS Group further holds close ties with various educational institutions in both Netherlands and HK and China to share experiences and add suggestions to curricula of those institutions in order to improve the link between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. Examples are: IPO Rotterdam, Nijenrode University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
  • AMS Group has a pro-active approach in environmental protection. No hazardous materials are used in any of the products being made, nor are production technologies used by AMS Group which harm nature and environment. AMS Group has a pro-active dialogue with its suppliers on recycling waste and rejects as well as packaging. All products made by AMS Group are RoHS compliant. Currently the procedures and endorsement for Reach compliancy are implemented.
  • AMS Group does not work with any supplier or subcontractor who has unsafe or unhealthy working conditions for its employees. AMS Group takes ‘chain responsibility’ for its suppliers and subcontractors, also being compliant with average CSR principles.
  • AMS Group assures that there is no ‘child labor’ within the supply chain it works with.
  • AMS Group does not discriminate on sexe, race or religion. AMS Group is very aware of the plural and multicultural society it operates in. The composition of the staff, in sexe, religion and race, reflects this.

Environmental statement:

As a responsible member of society whose task lies in the preservation of the global environment, AMS Group will make every effort to contribute to human health and the preservation of the global environment in each phase of its corporate activity. Only in this way will AMS Group be able to count on a successful future not only for AMS Group, but for the entire world.

AMS Group should pursue its daily business interest under the following principles:

AMS Group will make efforts to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at every stage of AMS Group’s products’ life cycle from research, design, production and sales, to services and disposal.

AMS Group will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of AMS Group’s products, and in every stage of life cycle of these products.

As both a member of the company and of society, each employee will focus on the importance of making efforts to preserve human health and the global environment, and will do his or her part to ensure that AMS Group as a whole acts responsibly.

AMS Group will consider the influence that its corporate activities have on the regional environment and society, and endeavor to improve the social standing of the company.


In Q4-2015 AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd will be ISO14001:2004 certified by BSI.