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Vendinova Group

Did you know that more soup is being consumed worldwide daily than cola?


It is a fact. And soup consumption is still ever increasing. The entrepreneurs of Vendinova Group have taken this as the basis to develop their company and business proposition on, focussing on 100% pure & natural soup.

That they touched a very interesting market, is already proven. Their ‘all natural soups’ can be found in almost all European supermarkets.

Now Vendinova is also going to take an important step towards and in the ‘out of home market’. Their launch of the Soup Server machine, allows all ‘out of home locations’, to serve their 100% natural soup in a food-safe, sustainable and controlled manner. Think of locations like company canteens, petrol stations, and even restaurants.

And it is exactly this Soup Server machine which AMS builds entirely in AMS Product Assembly (Foshan) Co ltd in China, according to Vendinova’s design & requirements.


The Soup Server


The Soup Server of Vendinova is a super intelligent machine, fully stacked with electronics. Electronics to make sure only high quality soup is dispensed, at exactly the right temperature and without having harmed the fresh vegetables and ingredients of the soup.


The electronics also assure permanent communication and monitoring with the management systems in the backoffices.


A smart cleaning management system within the Soup Server machine guarantees that the machine is rinsed 100% hygienically after each usage cycle.


Complexity & Sustainability


Aside from all electronics, sensors and management modules, there are another 250 components in the Soup Server machine.


The Soup Server machines will be installed in b-to-b environments and have to operate flawlessly over a long period of time.


Because of these high requirements, a long period of testing & validation processes has been conducted. At least 100 pilot build machines have been tested during a period of 3,5 years within a representative sample group from the targetted markets.


During these test & validation periods, a proven basis and sustainable technical platform have been created to base the series production of the Soup Server on.


AMS has started full series production of the Soup Server machine in AMS Product Assembly (Foshan) Co ltd in August 2016.


The picture carroussel above shows the assembly activities at AMS in Foshan.

What does AMS do?


AMS is the contract manufacturer for the Soup Server machine of Vendinova Group.


This implies that AMS has full supply chain responsibility for each component in the Soup Server. It involves around 70 subcontractors from inside China as well as from outside China.


All components are supplied to AMS Product Assembly (Foshan) Co ltd. After thorough incoming quality inspections, parts are being feeded to the assembly lines according to KanBan systems. In the assembly lines the Soup Server machines are being build and tested. Testing is done both on- & offline.


After completion of the assembly, and final inspections & testings, the Soup Server machines are being boxed for global distribution.


What else AMS is doing?


Apart from supply chain management, assembly and validation activities, AMS is also an active partner in development for Vendinova.


Development which has various drivers: costprice optimisations, user experience enhancements, adding functionalities or further additions to increase service levels for installation partners.

AMS & Vendinova operate in a very close cooperation. And this cooperation will for sure lead to a revolution in the ‘soup-serving’ market. A market which globally is bigger than the cola serving industry.