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Ultimaker & AMS grow in cooperation

Since 2013 AMS got involved with the success story of Ultimaker. After a mutual introduction by Van Berlo Design Studio Ultimaker and AMS decided to start a cooperation. Starting point was the assistance to Van Berlo and Ultimaker in the outsourincg of low- to medium complex subcomponents in China for the Ultimaker Generation II.

Soon it appeared that more synergy was to be realised. Now AMS supplies all plastic parts, proto types and cable harness assemblies. Ultimaker wants to be assured that all of her 3D printers are equipped with just the best and precise subcomponents. Furthermore, AMS consults Ultimaker in choice of materials for components, assists wih engineering and prototyping and also with realisation of moulds. The broad spectrum of supply chains of AMS, both in Europe and China is crucial for a successful cooperation.

Flexibility & engineering support at AMS Amsterdam

Ultimaker experience the flexibility and know-how at the AMS Amsterdam facility. The logistics networks and the purchasing and engineering capability are very helpful. The Dutch – Chinees composition of experienced staff of AMS in Amsterdam, together with the local supplier networks is welcomed by Ultimaker and discriminates AMS positively from other colleagues in the market. With daily contact and coordination the client is effectively served on the spot. AMS is capable to deliver to the promise with highest efficency and speed.


The cooperation between Ultimaker and AMS has only just started. The mutual satisfaction and shared views on future ambitions fuels further initiatives to expand on the relationship. It is acknowledged that 3D printing technology represents a new growth market with completely new innovations and paradigm shifts in manufacturing methods and supply chains. Together with Ultimaker, AMS is in the ‘front row’ of these developments.