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Neopost Technologies



Neopost Technologies in Drachten is part of the listed French  Neopost Group. The Neopost Group is the fastest growing supplier of mailroom equipment in the world. Neopost Technologies in Drachten develops, produces and distributes innovative folding and inserting machines.

Since 2007 AMS is one of the key Chinese suppliers or subassemblies to Neopost Technologies. AMS supplies a variety of subassemblies to Drachten and other lcoations in the Far East, including China and Malaysia.

The last years the diversity and complexity of products made by AMS has increased, as well as AMS’ early involvement in development of Neopost products has intensified.


AMS makes mechanical subassemblies for Neopost Technologies of which some include electronics. Besides a broad supply base in China, AMS purchases subcomponents for its final asembly in China, at an international network of suppliers fromt Hong Kong, Danmark, Germany and The Netherlands.

PPAP, FMEA, TQM, supply reliability and continuity are core values for suppliers to Neopost Technologies kernwaarden. AMS shows proof of capability and responibility as supplier to Neopost.

Neopost products include: variuos metal axles, bearing parts, sensors, switches, cable harnasses,  high precision sheet metal- and plastic components.

Each year AMS is being audited and evaluated by Neopost Technologies.


The portfolio of products and subassemblies made by AMS in China for Neopost is being continuously increased. The partnership between AMS and Neopost is strong and pleasant. The performance of AMS fits the A-category of preferred suppliers in the ‘supplier performance evaluation’ . These three pillars combined form a strong basis for a further strengthening of the cooperation between Neopost and AMS.