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‘Engineering for manufacturing’ by AMS in Amsterdam

Mid 2013 AMS Group was asked by Rotterdam based design agency Spark Design to meet their client M2Desk’s management. Purpose of this introduction was to discuss the potential of AMS’ assistance to execute the ‘engineering for manufacturing’ tasks for M2Desk’s new Flex system, as well as evaluate feasibility of mass production within AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd. The mutual introduction went very well and M2Desk decided to contract AMS for both the engineering in Amsterdam and manufacturing in China.

The rationales behind the decision of M2Desk were: short & crystal clear communication lines within and between AMS Amsterdam and AMS China, high quality output by AMS China for diverse set of clients and products, flexibility and realistic yet competitive pricing.

Production & assembly by AMS in Foshan, China

After completion of the engineering drawings, various component suppliers from were audited in China. AMS’ Foshan based supply chain team has been leading in this process. For each single component second sources were found and embedded to assure sustainability of supply.

In March 2014 the first assembled modules have been produced by AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd. These trial assembly modules have been evaluated and assessed by both AMS engineers and M2Desk, after which the finalisation of the specifications took place.

AMS now continuously produces the new Flex series products for M2Desk and distribution is supported globally by AMS in China.

M2Desk caused multimedia revolution in class rooms!

M2Desk has been able to create a breakthrough in reliable and ergonomically sound multimedia system integration for classes. Adaptive education, independent learning and cross group working are made possible by their new systems. Their table top M2 Desk Flex systems can be easily built and integrated in existing table or desk surfaces, and connected to existing IT infrastructures. The M2Desk Flex systems can also be used for centrally coordinationed exams.