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Lemnis Public Lighting


Client needed swift resourcing

From February 2014 AMS has become the supplier to Lemnis Public Lighting (LPL) of LED public lighting. AMS supplies two versions, known as “Nicole” and “Oprah” in various client specifications, tailor made for the specific local requirements. The first deliveries were made to Orsay Airport near Paris.

Nearly 20% of the electricity consumption in the world is used for lighting. LPL developed a world wide innovative concept for public lighting. With this innovation up to 90% of the power consumption is saved in combination with lower cost for maintenance and replacement.

Till January 2014 all lighting armatures of LPL were made by a Chinese supplier, but the de communication and production did not meet the requirements of the client. After a visit to and audit of the AMS assembly facility in Foshan, China, LPL decided to resource the assembly and supply chain management to AMS.

New suppliers and assembly line set-up

AMS has re-arranged the supply chain with qualified subcontractors in South China for a.o. aluminum (LM6 basis material) injection moulding, powder coating, metal processing and hardened safety glass. Furthermore, the assembly engineering team of AMS in Foshan made a thorough analysis for improved assembly- and test sequence, resulting in a brand new assembly set-up, with minimized in-line product handling.

All armatures are 100% tested according to the LPL specifications. In addition, random material tetsing and analysis is conducted by SGS. The armatures are mounted in a large variety of climates and should resist extreme weather change circumstances.

The ISO9001:2008 certificate of AMS Products Assembly in Foshan is for LPL a necessary condition to compete in international tenders for LED public lighting projects for several governements.

Short turnaround

The first explorative talks were started between LPL and AMS in October 2013. On March 3 – 2014 the first products were assembled and prepared for delivery to LPL’s client in France.

In 4 months time a complete assembly line was transferred / resourced to AMS. The client can now concentrate on its core business: R&D and sales.