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New dimension in teledildonics

In December 2013 the management team of Kiiroo visited Amsterdam’s office of AMS Group for a further explanation of their ambitions. Kiiroo was looking for a qualified high-tech producer with product development capacity in The Netherlands and production facility in China. Kiiroo presented their patented technology, that enables to not only see and hear each other online, but also feel ! At that time Kiiroo had already advanced plans for being the front runner with introducing this technology in high end ‘sex toys’, that would lead to a total new category with the nominator ‘teledildonics’.

Early 2014 Kiiroo choose AMS Group as partner for the co-development and assembly of this advanced category of products. As senior member of the project team AMS has been involved with the development and execution of proto typing. Van Berlo in Delft took care of the design and engineering, Otheruse from Haag developed the electronics. In the 2nd half of 2014 all tests and certifications have been processed.

As critical production partner AMS looked after the proto series from their Amsterdam development centre. The sourcing & assembly set-up has been managed by the AMS team in Foshan – PRC.

Meanwhile production is advancing at the AMS facility in China.


Why is AMS manufacturing these products?

Of course some discussion was required in the MT of AMS Group as to the ‘fit’  of this product with our current client- and product portfolio.

The first impression was an ‘ordinary’ sex toy, but from further analysis it became clear that these products represent high-tech and advanced technology. The product houses a lot of smart mechatronics, the latest communication platforms with advanced user-interfaces. As proven more than once, the internet- and ‘sex’-industry is the innovator in introducing and applying innovative technologies. Kiiroo products are being sold by respected distributors world-wide. The product positioning is ranked ‘best of the world’ and of the highest quality level.

After some initial reservations and thorough analysis of the Kiiroo products and technology, it was clear that the ‘fit’ with AMS’ competencies and ambitions was there, matching also the manufacturing of hi-tech products for ambitious and well positioned clients.

Kiiroo is with its revolutionary products a well-respected corporation in the international media. Click here for all publications, reviews and interviews. AMS is now proud co-developer and manufacturer for Kiiroo in this new growing target market.