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Famostar Emergency Lighting


Already in 2006 Famostar discussed with AMS the possibility of complete assembly of their emergency lighting systems at AMS in China. In the conceptual stages of the new product line “Flow” both companies saw the opportunity to do the product assembly at the newly owned AMS assembly facility in China. Since then AMS continuously produces exclusively for Famostar their Flow product line with great success.

The AMS scope includes the complete sourcing of subcomponents. Both electrical components (PCBA, power packs, wires etc.) and the plastic and metal parts.

The assembly line at AMS is annually audited and certified by KEMA.

Famostar and AMS have from day 1 worked intensively together to optimize the products for efficient manufacturing, including sourced electronics, in China.

Besides the assembly of Flow, AMS is already from 2005 onwards the supplier for many plastic- and aluminium subcomponents & (sub) assemblies for Famostar.


AMS looks also after the complete product configuration- and change management process of all electrical and plastic components as well as the final testing, packaging and logistics.


Since 2007 AMS has supplied emergency lighting systems and components at zero defects. It has helped to develop a strong and sustainable relationship with Famostar.