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By The Glass International

Modular wine serving system

Since 2011 AMS is the exclusive manufacturer for By The Glass International of The Modular – a professional wine serving system for two bottle positions.

The Modular is currentle being sold in France, Switserland, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, Maldives, Brazil, Canada, USA and of course also in The Netherlands. AMS produces en suppplies over 100 units per month and the expectation is that the numbers will further increase as By The Glass International succeeds to attract more international clienst for this high quality system.




From proto type to series assembly

During the development stage, AMS was at short proximity and in close communication with design agency C10 during testing and proto rounds. Initial working prototypes were immediately build by AMS in China, and tested & validated by By the Glass international.

After final approval and validations tests toolings could be opened and series production started in mid 2012.

The Modular wine serving device is a rather complicated device with over 150 components, and various mechanical systems for cooling, preservation & dispensing.

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