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Beam Labs

In March 2015 the first contacts between Beam Labs & AMS Group have been established. After several discussions Beam Labs has chosen AMS Group as their engineering for manufacturing & production partner. Why did they chose AMS and what is AMS doing for Beam Labs?


Engineering for manufacturing by AMS in Amsterdam


In close conjunction with the Beam Labs development team the Kickstarter proto has been developed into a product which is ready for series production. Subcontracting specialized development for electronics & packaging has been initiated by Beam Labs & AMS has resulted in superfast progress. Including in-depth iterations following external EMC & ESD tests.

During the entire development process, frequent prototyping has allowed for interim validations. Both on visual as functional aspects.

The biggest challenge of the development process was to incorporate all required technologies within the existing high end and sexy design of the housing, without compromising the set of functionalities.

AMS’ primary focus during this stage was to execute the mechanical engineering, selection & sourcing of component suppliers and prepare the series production in AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd.

The complete engineering for manufacturing process is coordinated from AMS’ Amsterdam office.

Upscaling & series production by AMS in Foshan


Because of the ambitious goal to have products being delivered to Beam Labs Kickstarter backers from November 2015 onwards, tooling for the complicated plastic parts had to be started already in August. AMS’ mould engineering team in Shenzhen coordinates these mould challenges and planning, being important parts of the overall puzzle towards series production. Especially given the fact that in parallel concurrent engineering has still been done on those parts in AMS Amsterdam till end of September.

During the course of September also the electronics subcontractors have been given the respective purchase orders and instructions to start their component production.

Packaging and the other component have been ordered end of September or even early October after final release by Beam Labs.

The overall coordination of all subcontractors is centrally managed by AMS’ supply chain management team in Foshan.

In preparation of final assembly in AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd the work instructions, quality documents and assembly lines are prepared for series production in during the month of October.


Why did Beam Labs chose AMS?


AMS has its professional footprint in both Holland and China – own engineers, own offices & 100% owned assembly factory.

With this robust infrastructure united in one company at both sides of the globe, efficient transfers & exchanges of information within AMS are embedded and optimised.

Other AMS customers, both hardware tech startups as well as renowned industrial internationals, provided Beam Labs with valuable insights and positive references on AMS’ working methods and achievements.

Other products and devices, made by AMS, moreover gave the confidence that AMS can manufacture high end, good looking products.

In order to be able to manufacture the Beam devices, a comprehensive & qualified supply chain of specialized subcontractors is required. AMS has that network and supply chain.

AMS works with complete transparancy in costing models, added values and also allows for complete access to subcontractors.

AMS has a broad experience in working with and for hardware tech start ups.

AMS clearly is enterpreneurial itself. And therefore speaks the same language as the hardware tech start ups.

From day one of the initial mutual introduction, the aims and actions have all been geared towards a long term successful partnership.

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