CES 2017 in Las Vegas rocked!

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From January 5 – 9 Tim Steltenpool (coo) & Bart Bakkum (cco) visited the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

During this period CES is the most often broadcasted item on global tech & gadget publications/shows. Online, printed, tweeted or just via ordinary media channels. For important technological breakthroughs, but also for less important or even irrelevant technological ‘innovations’.

AMS didn’t visit CES to see the innovations of the world known brands like Sony, Samsung or Mercedes. AMS visited CES to witness the global movement of hardware tech start ups and scale ups, which are gradually taking over the consumer electronics landscape.

The changing landscape of innovation has also been recognized by the Dutch government. It was for this reason that a rather big trade delegation, headed by Minister Kamp & Constantijn van Oranje, visited & exhibited on the CES expo.

A total of around 1.200 start ups presented their newest technologies & inventions in Las Vegas in the specially created ‘Eureka Park’ zone. Not only hardware start ups, but also for / on software, virtual reality, m2m interfaces, augmented reality and apps. The actual percentage of real HARDWARE start ups and scale ups was limited. Of course since hardware = really hard.

From the exhibiting hardware startups & scale ups, AMS proudly had 5 clients exhibiting their innovations; Beam Labs, Kien Labs, Minibrew, Plezmo and Printr.

CES has proven to be a perfect event to get a fantastic view on innovation and to develop and maintain networks. Aside from existing customers AMS met new ambitious entrepreneurs, suppliers, co-developers and a lot of related network partners.

For AMS this CES really rocked!

The above picture gallery offers a small perspective on what we saw.

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