Assembly in Netherlands & China

from relatively simple to highly complicated

Since 2003 AMS has already taken far over 100 new products & devices into series production in AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd, AMS’ 100% owned assembly factory in Foshan, China. Nearly all of these products & devices have been prepared for upscaling by AMS’ Amsterdam based development and engineering center. Always in close cooperation with client’s engineers and specialized external design & engineering partners to assure highest quality and optimal upscaling within AMS.

Since 2006 AMS has its 100% owned assembly factory in Foshan, China. This factory is contemporarily equipped, mapped and organised and has a footprint of 2.500 square meter. Kaizen, Six Sigma and lean manufacturing are the principal fundaments on which both the routing and working methodologies are based.

The official name of the factory is: AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd.

This 100% daughtercompany of AMS Group BV (The Netherlands), has a full license to assembly products in China, import- and export into and from China, and conduct local and domestic sales in China of products manufactured and assembled in this factory.

AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd is ISO9001:2008 accredited by British Standard Institure, and annually this accreditation is reviewed and re-audited. Moreover each year KEMA Quality performs and audit for ENEC certification renewal. Also ISO14001:2004 is implemented and certified.

Examples of products being assembled by AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd can be found under ‘cases’ in the top navigation of this page. For these products and clients, AMS’ assembly factory also does all procurement, quality control and logistics management.

AMS Product Assembly Foshan does not only concentrate on large series production, but also has projects and capabilities to execute low volume assembly activities. Most often the smaller series assembly projects concern complex products, consisting of many different high value components.

All components which arrive at the incoming goods area of AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd will be examined for incoming component inspections according to strictly documented and defined procedures. A comparable approach is applied for inline quality inspections and out-of-box inspections at the end of the assembly process. PPAP, FMEA and 8D failure reporting and resolutions, are embedded in the organisation and procedures of AMS.

All employees of AMS Product Assembly Foshan Co ltd do realise, every minute of the day, that they work on the core business products of the clients. Quality, consistency, and predictability are the givens AMS’ clients should be able to rely on.

From the assembly factory in Foshan, weekly groupaged containers do depart. As such AMS can offer clients with lower volumes series a cost effective solutions for their transportation costs from China to the rest of the world. When custom made distribution solutions are requested by customers, such can be designed with specialized partners.

Since September 2012 AMS also has the infrastructure and facilities to execute trial and small series assembly in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With this AMS has increased the possibilities to supply clients who do not only sell high volume products and devices, but also have lower annual volume requirements. In case volumes of output have to grow over time, than the production and assembly can be easily and smoothly transferred within AMS from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to AMS assembly factory in Foshan, China.



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