A successful route for development in Amsterdam towards series production in China

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Success is claimed by many ‘fathers’. It is an often used Dutch verb when products have been successfully launched in the market. And of course such success is because so many different stakeholders have been involved in the route to the successful launch. However, all stakeholders know that the actual route to success has been a much more bumpy one than what the success makes you believe.

Product development in actual fact is a process of suffering. The manner, power, flexibility and willingness to convert pains during the development process into learnings are the real discriminators for long term & sustainable successfulness. Learnings which are translated to smart principles, recognisable patterns and anticipation for potential future problems. And exactly this is the added value of AMS Group being involved in product & devices development processes for ambitious clients.

Since 2003 AMS has been involved as co-development & manufacturing partner in over 100 new products and devices being brought to the market. It has allowed AMS to gain a lot of insights, learnings and lessons. Valuable knowledge and experience for each new project being started. It has also allowed AMS to be really critical on the real added value being offered by AMS: having a keen eye for the fastest best process towards upscaling of series production. Without compromising on quality & functionality. And always in a completely transparent costing model.

Over all those years a broad network of development specialists has been build, ranging from original design firms, design strategists, product portfolio road mapping specialists, electronics development agencies, software development agencies, packaging specialists, test labs, etcetera. All these specialists can be subcontracted, depending on the requirements and needs of the client. And always in complete transparency and consultation by the client.
Because AMS has been involved in so many projects from development towards series production, we realise the need for proximity to the client during development stages. With the office in Amsterdam such proximity is assured for European customers.

For Asian based customers the engineering project teams in Foshan are within reach. Dependent on the particular time zone in North America, a choice will be made whether Amsterdam or Foshan will be their development partner.
Involvement in early stages of design & development are considered a necessity by AMS. This in order to assure cost pricing and best possible manufacturability. Due to the frequent and transparent updates on both the product cost price development and related capital expenditure investments, clients can at all times make well balanced decisions on functionality, materials and the actual business cases in itself. Because AMS is also the manufacturing partner, and aims for long term and sustainable business partnerships, this early involvement is in both the interest of the client and AMS.

The proof of this being a successful approach is provided by the over 100 products & devices brought to the market by AMS customers. From these over 100 products, still 94% are sold in the market today. And therefore also still being manufactured by AMS. The longevity of the sales successes, make it worth to suffer & learn during development stages. AMS will never claim the success of its customers, but in stead we praise them for the choice they made to already involve AMS already in the early stage of development. They all have experienced that the route for development in Amsterdam towards series production in China is a sustainable path.

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