Sebastiaan Pruisscher

senior project engineer - Amsterdam

Sebastiaan Pruisscher (aka Bas) and AMS also have a long history, before Bas joined forces with AMS as senior project engineer.

After his graduation in material science & mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Emmen (NL), he started working as process engineer at the world class & famous flooring specialist Forbo Novilon. Looking for a more challenging job he enrolled his carreer in Teklab, as a product engineer. The multitude of clients, and types of assignments for this flexible technical engineering agency provided more knowlegde, experience and required a further development of his capabilities and capacities.

Teklab for many years is a customer of AMS. This was the initial introduction of Bas to AMS.

After 7 years at Teklab, Bas moved on to one of the leading rapidly growing brands for high end baby strollers: Bugaboo.  It was from this position, lead engineer, that in 2006 he cooperated with AMS closely for a very fast & globally enrolled program addition for subassemblies. AMS took on the complete assignment from moulds, partsproduction, subassembly and global distribution. A very intense and challenging period of close cooperation. And as such a renewed introduction to AMS. Bas has been working 5 years in his role as Leaf engineer at Bugaboo and as such was day to day in very close cooperation with Bugaboo’s 100% own assembly plant in Xiamen, China.

In 2011 he had the change to acquire a brand himself in customized bikes. He took on that challenge and has developed, and introduced many new bikes under his own brand. This venture has been a very interesting and challenging period in his life.

Mid 2015 he made a decision to go back to the manufacturing & development industry, in stead of running a brand holding company himself.

After carefull consideration he has chosen for AMS. The wide array of clients, challenges and the ‘can-do’ mentality have been the most important reasons.

His experience in product development, prototyping, engineering for manufacturing, moulding and assembly implementations will add a lot of value to AMS’ customers business cases. The China link and knowlegde from his previous jobs are a big bonus.