Injection Mould team

    Injection Mould engineering team - Shenzhen

    This is our super team based in Shenzhen. These professionals work day in day out on mould development & engineering projects. Together with Bas Pot in Amsterdam, engineers at customers and 5 subcontractors around Shenzhen hundreds of moulds are completed annually. Both export moulds as well as moulds for local production in China.

    Supported by strict procedures and extensive testing protocols, time after time moulds are realised within time and budget, without compromising on the required high quality levels.

    AMS mould engineers all have relevant educational backgrounds and long working experience. With and average age of 40 years they know what they do, assuring quality and continuity for both AMS and AMS’ customers. With clients english is the standard language to communicate in.

     From left to right: Javis Zeng, Alan Zhong, Bill Li & Helen Wang