AMS is proud on Spin Remote’s EISA 2016/2017 Award – Why? Read here

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In August 2015 AMS Amsterdam was approached by hardware tech startup Spin Remote. They had a hardware challenge for which they seeked advice and support from AMS.

Their hardware engineering and intended manufacturing partner had let them down, and had not been able to complete the engineering in a scalable and manufacturable sustainable manner. Time had passed by after their very succesfull Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and backers were screaming for the promised deliveries of Spin Remote’s advanced & versatile remote contoller.

Taking the heritage on board of the past, while at the same time changing some elementary mechanical interfaces and production technologies, allowed AMS to get the mass manufacturing really started from March 2016 onwards. The close cooperation and direct communication within AMS in The Netherlands and China, smoothened up the process for first time right.

Spin Remote therefore became able to start delivery of their remote controls within 7 months of initial contact with AMS.

Spin Remote last week has won the EISA 2016/2017 Award in the category ‘best AV accessory’.

And since AMS has been very intensily involved in the whole process of engineering and actually has been doing the manufacturing, it also feels like we won a bit…. and we are proud on it..

On the picture gallery you can see the process of development and manufacturing of the Spin Remote controller within AMS in The Netherlands and China.

Readhere more on theEISA 2016/2017 Award election of Spin Remote in ‘AV accessory’ category.

More information on Spin Remote can be foundhere.